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Our retail shop has a wide variety of instructional methods and print music for instrumentalists, vocalists, and pianists from beginner to advanced levels. We also carry supplies and accessories for most instruments and gift items for musicians.


We sell an array of instruments including: Keyboards, Brass (Trumpet, Trombone, French Horn), Folk Instruments (Banjo, Dulcimer, Mandolin), Guitars (Acoustic, Electric, Bass), Percussion (Snare, Bells, Drums), Strings (Violin, Viola), and Woodwinds (Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone).


If unsure about purchasing an instrument, we offer a rental program with quality new and used band and orchestra instruments.  

Repair services are available for all instruments.  These services include everything from tuning, string replacement and basic cleaning to complete overhauls.





Dozens of new and refurbished band and orchestra instruments in stock to buy or rent.




INSTRUMENT               RENT NEW              BUY NEW   RENT USED             BUY USED


Alto Saxophone            $75 for 16 months    $1000      $50 for 19 months    $800


Clarinet & Flute            $35 for 20 months     $600       $25 for 20 months    $400


Trombone & Trumpet    $35 for 20 months     $600       $25 for 20 months    $400


Violin                          $35 for 20 months     $600       $25 for 20 months    $400


Viola                           $35 for 23 months     $700       $25 for 20 months    $400


Snare Kit                     $25 for 12 months     $250       $25 for 9 months      $175


Bell Kit                        $25 for 17 months     $350       $25 for 11 months    $225


Snare & Bell Kit            $25 for 24 months     $500       $25 for 17 months    $350


We do have some more "vintage" instruments which will rent for shorter terms or sell at 25% - 50% less.


Rentals include a monthly maintenance fee which covers any necessary repairs during the rental period.


Rentals may be returned after three months (used) or four months (new) to end the contract.


Rentals may be paid off early for the remaining balance less maintenance fee.


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